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Mar 17, 2012
San Diego, CA

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New Study Finds that Nanotechnology Training is Lacking in Dermatology

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The American Society for Nanomedicine comprises of members drawn from throughout the fields of nanotechnology, engineering, and the biomedical sciences with the common goal of advancing Nanomedicine research for the realization of the potential it has to benefit the global community.

Launched in 2004, physorg is a leading web-based science, research and technology news service which covers a full range of topics. These include physics, earth science, medicine, nanotechnology, electronics, space, biology, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering, mathematics and other sciences and technologies.

Nanotechnology Research Foundation
Nanotechnology Research Foundation (NRF) is focused on supporting the acceleration of nanotechnology awareness, education, collaboration, research and funding in order to support and preserve American innovation through science and technology.

Catch the latest roundup of nanotechnology news.

California Nanosystems Institute
The California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI) is a research center at UCLA whose mission is to encourage university collaboration with industry and to enable the rapid commercialization of discoveries in nanosystems.

The mission of the American Academy of Dermatology is promoting leadership in dermatology and excellence in patient care through education, research and teaching.

Sunscreen guide
An online resource providing the public with education about sunscreens and other photoprotection methods in hopes of reducing skin cancer and the photoaging process.

LinkedIn keeps you connected to the leaders in nanotechnology and dermatology. If you have an account, go to groups and select Nanodermatology Society. Send updates, participate in discussions, collaborate with colleagues.

Science Blogs
Part of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology blog JID Jottings, edited by Lowell A. Goldsmith, MD. Get the latest on investigative studies encompassing a broad range of disciplines which overlap with dermatology.

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