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New Study Finds that Nanotechnology Training is Lacking in Dermatology

Quality Dentistry/Orthodontics & Oral Hygiene Essential for Mouth's Skin Health

When people think "skin" they think their outer main skin on their body. But the skin in your mouth is also important to keep healthy and to research. The type of braces you have from your orthodontist and the quality of your cosmetic dentist's dental implant procedure have so much to do with your oral skin's health!

The Nanodermatology Society (NDS) was established in 2010 to promote a greater understanding of the scientific and medical aspects of nanotechnology in skin health and disease.

The Society is composed of physicians, dermatologists, physicists, chemists, policy makers, regulators, nanotechnology scientists, and students involved in nanotechnology specifically related to dermatology from teaching, to education, to scientific research.

Dental Hygiene & Dermatology

Protecting the Skin in Your Mouth

One subject we haven't written about yet, that is becoming increasingly popular for good reason, is the importance of natural oral care products as it relates to dermatology. Dentistry, orthodontics, and dermatology can absolutely have a correlation. There have been many studies done showing the negative effects of alcohol-based mouthwash and what it can do to your oral health.

Dentists Are Answering the Call

While many dental professionals have been selling more widely-known oral care toothpaste and mouthwash with toxic ingredients like triclosan or titanium dioxide, the dental practitioners at a dental Orange County office in California (OC Dental Center Santa Ana) are starting to change this trend. They believe that a dentist really should be looking into natural, organic, "green", and holistic options. These options can help to soothe the skin or derma layer inside your mouth.

For a brief introduction to nanotechnology in dermatology, take a look at our Patient Handout.

We recently held our inaugural Round Table Discussion at the American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting, on March 21st, 2015. A select panel of experts from dermatology, industry and media reviewed the opportunities and challenges of photoprotection in contact dermatitis, rosacea, nail disorders/treatments, use in pediatric patients, vitiligo, genodermatoses, regulatory, industry, and cosmetic dermatology. The video recorded proceedings can be found at Dermatology News.  We look forward to seeing everyone in Washington DC in 2016!

Nanotechnology was heavily represented again at the 2015 American Academy of Dermatology Annual Meeting. An entire forum dedicated to nanotechnology was held on March 20th, covering  sunscreens, nanomaterials for skin and soft tissue infections, and malignancy. 

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